If you have used items- clothes, applicices, funiture, electoronic goods, bicycles,etc ,-
we can buy them.
The condition of your items is important.
Damaged things won’t sell very well.

<An example>

If 4 years ago, you bought a new sofa for 60,000 yen and now you want to sell it to our shop, we estimate your sofa to be about 3,000 yen, but it depends on the condition of the sofa.

Our service:
Two people will come to your home by truckand pick up the sofa.
We’ll take the sofa to our warehouse and clean it.
When a customer buys the sofa, we will deliver it to the new owner.

Our warehouse and shop is small, so the display room has limited space.
We can buy small household appliances and electornics goods,

washing machines,
stoves,space heaters,
air-conditioners and more.